Patient Testimonials

Had a very pleasant experience at Great Park Dental.  Had a temporary crown put in and a week later came back to get my permanent crown put in.  Everything went pretty smoothly.  The staff was very knowledgable and Dr. Lu knew her dentistry.  She took the time to explain in detail and answered all my questions.  The office is very modern, high tech, but very relaxing.  Overall a very excellent experience in the office and with the staff.

–       Curtis M.


I took my son , who is almost 7 yer old. Dr. Lu  did a great job on him. Thanks to the experience, he will never hesitate to see a dentist. I got work done for myself as well. My root canal was pain free experience during and after the treatment. Dr. Lu is very patient, very good with her work and she takes good care of all her patients.Entire staff is warm and friendly and very accommodating. Together they make dentist appointment a pleasant experience.

–       Amandeep C.


I had never been to a Dentist before as I was so scared of all the procedures. When I did the first Dental check up for my kid, I realized the importance and pushed myself to look for a dentist.  I found Dr.Beatrice Lu through my Insurance and scheduled an appt with her. When I entered the dental office, it was very calm and soothing. The assistants were inviting and started chatting with me during my X-rays. The state-of the-art exam rooms made the X-ray process go much smoother and less stressful. When Dr.Lu attended me, she totally put me in ease. She went over the X-rays with me and also informed me of the things that needs attention. With her as my dentist, I felt so comfortable and scheduled another appt to extract my wisdom teeth as it had cavity. Dr. Lu made me feel that I was the only patient that was getting treated at that time even though she had patients in the other exam rooms.

–       Jay K.


I recently got a recommendation to see Dr Lu from a church friend.  I am a senior citizen and retired.  I had gone to see another dentist in my HMO network and was not happy at all.  So I decided to give this office a try.   I am very pleased that I can trust her.   She gave me a reasonable quote for an implant on my lower jaw.  I was able to get the implant done on the same day that my molar was removed.  I didn’t feel anything.  It went so smooth.

–       Lisa C.


It has been just a little over a year since I have had an cleaning and exam so I anticipated having a few problem areas that have been neglected. Dr. Lu seemed very honest in evaluating my teeth. I felt comfortable with her suggestions for what  areas need attention. Dr. Lu was able to devote individual attention to my appointment as I was the only patient at that time. Lastly, she was nice enough to go over what my insurance covered since the receptionist was gone for the long weekend. I look forward to my future appointments with Dr. Lu!

–       Jeff E.


I have been seeing Dr. Beatrice Lu for many years. There was a gap where I couldn’t see her due to me having lame insurance, but I was able to reunite with her again after a few years. She is very detailed and attentive to the changes of my teeth. The thing that is great about her is complete professionalism and integrity.  She is an honest woman.  She is always willing to help out her patients.   Her staff is extremely nice and courteous.  Also her new office is awesome!!

–       Jennifer B.

I got my bleaching done at Great Park Dental and I can say that my experience definitely exceeded my expectations. First of all, Dr. Lu is a phenomenal dentist–she is attentive and caring to her patient’s needs as well as being very easy to talk to! Her office is clean and modern and definitely one of the more beautiful offices I’ve walked into. Her front desk receptionist was very sweet and patient and made sure that Dr. Lu knew I had arrived for my appointment. The wait time was short and we immediately started the bleaching process. It was a very easy and painless process and I love the results! I also took advantage of the new patient bleaching special which I found through her website on http://greatparkdental.c…. The price I paid for the bleaching was definitely worth my money considering I also got a great discount for being a new patient. Dr. Lu also gave me a complementary bleaching pen that I have been using to continue to touch up my bleaching. My teeth still look extremely white and I am more than satisfied with the results! I will definitely be back at Great Park Dental whether it is for another bleaching, cleaning, or any other dental work. Dr. Lu is a wonderful dentist and person and I would recommend her to anyone!

–       Nicole M.


Dr Lu is an outstanding  dentist. I rarely write any review but I feel this one deserves a mention.     A month ago, my daughter had a tooth abscess and it was so severe she was hospitalized and we had feared for her life.  We had brought her to the dentist when she started complaining of tooth pain but the first dentist just thought it was pain from a tooth coming out.  How wrong was he!  The next morning, her face just completely swelled up and I took her to the ER.  My daughter had a CT scan which showed a large pus collection above the tooth.  An ENT surgeon cut open the abscess from inside the mouth and pus poured out.  He pronounced her cured and ok to go home. That afternoon, my daughter’s eyes was beginning to shut close from all the swelling, so I had no choice but to take her back to the ER where she was finally admitted for antibiotic. Apparently these infection can even be life threatening.  For the next 2 days, the doctors in the hospital  debated what to do.  They felt that my daughter probably does have a tooth abscess but they cannot tell which tooth was decayed.  My daughter showed mild improvement but it was clear the infection was still brewing inside her face.  The hospital did not have dentist on staff and we would have to move her to another hospital to see an oral surgeon.   I decided to call Dr Lu whom I have known for many years.  She lived 30 miles away from me so that is why I did not bring my daughter to see her initially.  Dr Lu told me over the phone – ” just bring her over , I will take care of this”.  I felt a sense of relief instantly.  The day after discharge from the hospital, Dr Lu worked on my daughter for more than 2 hours.  She managed to identify the abscessed tooth and did a root canal.  LOTs of pus and necrotic debris just poured out.  She even managed to save the tooth.  ( we had thought it had to be pulled and my daughter is only 12 years old ).  The reddness and swelling on my daughter’s face immediately improved and that night she was a completely different girl.   We are so grateful for the service from Dr Lu and her staff.  Her facility is top notch and staff is very friendly.  More important, she possesses the skill and the experience that I trust.

–       Charles L.


Dr. Lu is the best dentist I’ve ever had.  Over the past several years, I have been to a few dentists for general cleaning, but none had the expertise of Dr. Lu.   I suffered an acute episode of fractured tooth, which led to abscess/pus formation in the sinuses.  Over night, one side of my face swelled up.  Dr. Lu was able to make the diagnosis quickly and provide immediate treatment.   She performed a root canal, which amazingly was not painful at all.  She is so good with her hands that I got up from the exam chair feeling as new.  My facial swelling resolved in just a few hours.  I am so happy with what she has done for me.  I highly recommend Dr. Lu.

–       Helen H.